Gain Power and Torque

More power and more torque for your vehicle! It just gets better and better.

Unlike those inefficient EGR valves that recycle wasted gas (and slow you down), the ever-efficient HydroGen System rapidly burns nearly all of the fuel the first time around. Gas and diesel fuel burns slowly, so not all of the fuel is ignited. Because the HydroGen System increase the efficiency of the burn, nearly all of the fuel is ignited. Therefore your engine naturally produces more power and ultimately more torque.

For passenger cars and trucks, thatís great news. Now you can enjoy that extra power boost when you need it most.

For large semiís and tractor-trailer combinations, well thatís just downright exciting! How would you like to drive your big-rig uphill one to two gears higher than usual while fully loaded?* Now you can pass those trucks that used to pass you! And could you benefit by making your deliveries faster?

Yeah, now you're getting the picture.

*70,000-120,000 pounds. Results may vary due to vehicle condition, driving habits, road and weather conditions.